Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Visit From The Beast

This is actually and english assignment, but because I'm so exciiTTEEDDD about it, y'all get to feast your eyes and brain. You're so incredibly welcome \o/

The Visit From The Beast

No more typing, please halt your keys.
Let the words dry up and your ideas fly away.
There they go, away, far far away, in the breeze.
Writer's Block wishes you the most wonderful dismay.
Let the great demon be poured like concrete
Between the previously whizzing mind and the now blank page.
Lovely Writer's Block has no want to be discreet.
It intends to trap you in a poorly decorated cage,
With frustration as your good and only friend.
Your beast may even, if so caring, throw in disappointment
You know, to really make sure you fall off the deep end.
But don't worry, to Writer's Block, there is no cure or ointment.
There is one plain and simple end to the horrendous doubt;
You must wait, and write it out.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Newest NSA Problem

Yes, this is a real thing. Yes, this happened on national television.

And yes, a woman was involved in this conversation.

And obviously feminism is a national security problem. Duh. HOW COULD WE DO THIS TO OUR COUNTRY YOU GUIZ.

I can't.