Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Covers From MEE To YOUU

Book Covers

After failing miserably at Camp NaNo TWICE, I started getting into book covers because I am a photoshop geek like that. Here are some of my favorites that I thought you'd like. Feedback would be nice, and contact me if you want one for anything.

Love as usual my pretties,

Blue Jade


  1. Hehe Persistent is great - just like Blondie's Parallel Lines album cover :D

    I also like The Dinner - very stylish!

    Hey! If you like books maybe you'd be interested in hosting a guest post by an author? The publishers who are about to publish a short story of mine are looking for bloggers to host guest posts by some of the writers also featured in the book (I'll be writing for someone and I'll be hosting someone). If you would like to host an author's post you can find all the info here: You might get someone famous!

    1. What were you thinking of in ways of a guest post? I sounds good, and IT'S AWESOME THAT YOU'RE GETTING PUBLISHED!! *virtual huggles*

  2. Thank you!

    Here is an example of a post someone has already written for the blog tour: and here is an example of a post I got someone to write for another book:

    If these look like something you'd be interested in having on your blog you can contact Hannah / Rob at and they can tell you more about what a blog tour is :) I can't promise I'll be the writer who writes the post for you but whoever you get will be very interesting I'm sure!

    Of course there's no pressure! :D

    1. It sounds really cool AND I'M SOO EXCITED THAT YOU'RE GETTING PUBLISHED *attack huggles*, but I don't know about it. When is it getting out? I can definitely make an announcement for sure!! Sorry, I just don't want it to become an advertising blog. :'(

      Is it available in the US???